The Lappe Law Firm does guardianships for minors and adults.  If a child inherits or becomes the owner of property, a guardianship is necessary to sell or mortgage that property if done any time before the child turns 18.  The guardianship allows the county judge or probate judge to allow the sale to proceed and approve the amount of the sale.

    If a minor child is disabled, a guardianship is necessary when th child turns 18 so that the parents or family member can continue to make life decisions or control the assets of the child once the child becomes a legal adult.  The Lappe Law Firm does guardianships for disabled adults if the adult becomes disoriented or unable to care for his/herself he/she can be placed under a guardianship of the person or the estate or both if the person cannot take care of his personal needs or his/her business needs.

    The Lappe Law Firm will do guardianships or serve as the ad litem for the guardianship cases.  The Lappe Law Firm will do guardianships for organizations approved by D.A.D.D.S and institutions when the ward needs a live in an institutionalized sitting or group home.